Fantastic Voyage - OGR Part 1


  1. OGR 16/03/17

    Hey Maddi,

    Love the influence images and the thumbnails - really strong, really pure - and the idea that your 'world' is a simple, clean white space in which these elements perform their various activities is appealing - I also like the 'outbreaks' of more graphical pattern - some examples here to give you confidence in terms of how you can keep it simple, but also create real dynamism with camera and with transitions:

    What all of these examples share is a sense of constant movement - uninterrupted change - a sense too of something explosive and 'energy-creating' - after all, Mitosis is the magic of renewal - of life.

    I think you're well suited to this bold, pattern/shape/abstraction based approach, Maddi - but one thing to think about right now is how you'll get the information out to your audience beyond the visual representations on screen - voice over, or some suitably creative relationship to motion graphics and text elements:

    The other big element to all these examples is sound - and the precise way the visuals and the sound/music work together to create that same sense of energy and ongoing change. Conceptually, creating that sense of ongoing change and energy would seem to be paramount in conveying what is amazing about Mitosis.

    In short then, the 'white space' approach as suggested by your thumbnail pages feels really satisfying to me, allowing you to focus on keeping all your cell-cycle assets nicely dynamic and moving through space.


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