Re-done Concept Art for 'What If? Metropolis'

This is my concept art for what my city will look like for the current project. I re-thought the composition of the piece and I lowered the point of view so that my city isn't floating as much! Hopefully this looks better and will work well in Maya.


  1. This much more dynamic, Maddi! Boom! A couple of observations I'd make - 1) I think it will be odd if that big bit of foreground on the left isn't a 3D model - it doesn't make sense to me that this bit should be a drawing. I'd also say about this element that it's a shame it doesn't have a bit more interest going in in terms of picking up on the colours of your world a bit more - otherwise it's a big slab of grey and seems a bit dead on the eye to me...

    2) Could the road surface not be giving more to the overall composition? I can certainly see how road-markings would lift this element - again - it looks to me as if you're making the road a flat drawing, but again this doesn't make sense to me, because, logically, if this was a digital set for an animation, you'd model the ground plane, simply because it would make everything easier in the long run. (It would also be more credible if the kerbs for the pavements had actual geometry).

    3) So, the matte painting - if we imagine then that the foreground element and the ground plan is modelled, that means your matte painting is essentially of a patch of blue sky. I think you should raise the ambition of your matte painting and use it more proactive to 'extend your set' - i.e. give us a greater sense that your city recedes into the distance behind the opera house element - what do you think?


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