'What If? Metropolis' OGR-Part 2


  1. OGR 24/11/2016

    Hey Maddi,

    Lots to like and admire here - but I don't think the current concept art composition is doing your world any favours; we've got a road to look at, and a lot of the interesting stuff is pushed to the margins of the picture. The high, floating POV is making it difficult to get a sense of architectural scale. I just want you to get rid of the boring chasm of generic road, and put me down at street level and allow me to look up and through your structures, so I can get a greater sense of the scale of the domed structure. I want something more like this:



    The domes - not the road - should be dominant - and if you lower and 'humanise' your POV, you'll find immediately that your ability to create a sense of space in your digital set will be enhanced. You can make much more of what you've designed than you currently are.

    The other reservation I have is simply wanting you to ensure that in terms of the materiality/fabrication/engineering of your buildings, you're looking out at real world reference with an eye for all the little structural details that will help you create nuanced 3D models and bespoke, tactile textures. Right now, your buildings appear to be largely made from 'Photoshop' with flat window-like shapes floating on completely flat surfaces. I want you to get into the nitty-gritty and nuts and bolts of these structures as buildings - so look at the way in which windows are recessed into buildings; look at the way in which the coloured surfaces of buildings are fabricated and installed. Although your city is clearly a flight of fancy, it's these little touches that will ensure your set is readable as a space and a place: so


    So, short version - some great structures, some very tidy orthographs and it looks as if you're ready to get stuck into some base modelling, but I think, in terms of art direction etc. you've got a bit more of a push for something that is as interesting, engaging and credible as it could and should be.


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