OGR- Part 1 'What If? Metropolis'


  1. OGR 06/11/2016

    Hi Maddi,

    In light of the multi-disciplinary nature of your collaborator, I like very much the idea that the city he'd design with you would be a 'city of culture' - I think this a key idea and helpful in terms of choosing what we're looking at when it comes to your actual set-up for your digital set.

    https://monoskop.org/László_Moholy-Nagy (look at everything he did!)

    I really like lots of your thumbnails, and I like the way you've been 'constructing' them out simple shapes. As additional references informing your designs, check out Bauhaus architecture and design in general terms:


    This is a solid, encouraging start, Maddi: short version, a bit of general research into Bauhaus design, and develop your idea of Alak being a city of culture, and think about which buildings might feature in your digital set - and why.


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