'Art of' Baucis - Invisible Cities


  1. Hi Maddi - I think you need to look again at the role/purpose of your Art Of - visually, it comes off as more of a text-based assignment than an visual one. I think you need to invert that experience - greater emphasis on the images, with the text much more in a supporting role. For example, you could take us closer to some of the details - the telescope, the windmills - consider making your final images 'full bleed' - i.e. so they completely fill the page so we can really look at them. Right now, your pages seem very crammed and I think you could afford to take more time/space in showing your city. I'd also expect to see something in here about Calvino and about his book - if you imagine you're creating this art of for a stranger to the project, then you'll soon see which bits you're Art Of is missing. Someone should be able to come to this Art Of and understand the project completely.


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